The Top Ten Differences in Education

So I had a few ideas for this post and I decided I will give my readers a short bit on what classes I am taking, but to keep things interested (and not at all because I love them) I have chosen to discuss the major differences I see between my History Major at SUNY New Paltz and the History Major at Manchester Metropolitan University. This could be skewed towards my major so not everything could be like this. I am taking four courses that are year long, the courses are: Victorian England, Rise of Persecuting Society, Europe(Nazism and War), and Imperial Russia. This list will be comparing my education experience at New Paltz and MMU.

  1. NO TEXT BOOKS REQUIRED. That’s right at MMU, I don’t need to drops hundreds of dollars on text books. We use books for our papers but in all my classes they give us a print out book of the weekly reading or post it all online. This saves money and I can guarantee I will not lose my reading. This is a system I have become quite fond of.
  2. CLASSES ARE ONLY ONCE A WEEK. However, the time works out the same. My classes at MMU range from 2-3 hours with a lecture and a separate seminar. In two classes I even have two different teachers. It is nice to have the class be done on time but that mean’s all my weekly reading has to be done for the day.
  3. NO GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Wait… did I just say that, yes I did. At MMU the students only take classes meant for their degree(s). So a History student won’t be taken a natural science course unless they are doing a duel degree.
  4. 3 YEARS VS. 4 YEARS. At MMU most students Graduate University after three years, as opposed to the 4 years most students graduate within at New Paltz.
  5. 4 CLASSES A YEAR VS. 8-10 A YEAR. At MMU the History Students are taking 4 classes a year equaling 30 US credits for the year. At New Paltz the average student takes about 5 classes a semester, so ten a year averaging at 30 credits the whole year. So it’s the same amount of credits with different classes.
  6. THE WORK LOAD. At New Paltz in one class I could have a lot of assignments, sometimes to many to count. At MMU I have one Essay and the Final Exam, so talk about pressure. So while the work load was greater at New Paltz the stress is higher at MMU.
  7. CORE UNITS AND TUTORIALS. This one I feel belongs with each other and is system that is unique to me. At MMU, each student takes core units. These usually consist of one class everyone has to take and one core unit they are allowed to choose. Then they meet with their seminar leaders from one of the core units a couple time of years to discuss their education and the future. At New Paltz we have separate advisors, some we might not even take a class with. However, some major do have classes that are required.
  8. ATTENDANCE. Now as a Visa student I am required to inform the International department at MMU of my attendance. However, if I was a regular second year student attendance isn’t required in all classes. Often in lectures attendance is not taken. However, in seminars it usually is. Attendance does not affect your grade at MMU though.
  9. PARTICIPATION. At New Paltz, a lot of teachers make participation as part of the grade. Like attendance, at MMU it is not included in your overall grade. It is encouraged but not required. This leaves for less to grade by at MMU.
  10. CASUAL. This has more to do with the overall atmosphere. At MMU there is a bar or pub on my campus. Students can have a beer with lunch if they so choose. I feel like at New Paltz you would never see this. I feel as if MMU has a more relaxed environment. However, New Paltz is my home.



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