The differences in words and objects.

I decided to do a blog about the differences in words between America and England. Both countries speak English so you think it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. However, when you are at a restaurant or in a class and everyone is giving you weird looks, you learn fast to adapt to the fact that the same word can mean different things in another country.

  1. Chips, Crisps, and French Fries. This one is the hardest struggle for me. I have been here for about 7 months and still can’t get it right. Basically in England Crisps= American Chips. Chips=American French Fries. French Fries don’t exist unless you are at McDonald’s.
  2. Tea, Dinner, Supper. Tea can mean one of two things in England it can mean a cup of that hot liquid that tastes good or it can be dinner. Now in America for me the meals went, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Here it would be Breakfast, Dinner, Tea. Now this might just be a Manchester thing, as the language can change across the country.
  3. A Zucchini is called a courgette. no further comment.
  4. Apartment and Flat. In my head I only associate flats being like really nice apartments, that may be just me though. However in England a flat is an apartment and it can be rundown or brand new.
  5. Chippy and takeout. Before coming here I looked this one up and I thought Chippy  just meant fish n’ chips and boy was I wrong. Chippy, in Manchester, can refer to any takeout food. I was confused when I said I wanted Chinese one night and Alex said he ordered chippy. It was frustrating because I thought I wasn’t getting my Chinese.
  6. Cotton candy is called candy floss. Another frustrating one. No way does cotton candy look like floss.
  7. Driving on different sides. This is an object difference, the other day I thought I baby was driving a van because I forgot England drives on the opposite side of the road.
  8. Color, Colour, Labor, Labour. see a pattern there, I been losing points on papers because the teachers think I can’t spell Labor right. My grammar is not the greatest but this makes it even harder for me.

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